Frequently asked questions

Q - What length are your browband sizes?

A - Our browband sizing is pretty standard for browbands

  • Shetland / Small Pony 13"
  • Pony - 14"
  • Cob - 15"
  • Full - 16"
  • XFull - 17"
  • XXFull - 18"

If you need another size that is no problem, we do make browbands to order so we can make you bigger, smaller or even half sizes if it ensures the best fit for your horse. So just drop us a message or if you rquire a half size just put a message stating your requirements in the notes section upon checkout.


Q - How do I know what size I need?

A - Thes best way is to measure your current browband. The best way to do this is place your browband down on a flat surface, with a tape measure you need the lenth from end to end of the browband straight across (even if your browband is shaped still measure straight across) This will give you your size.

If your browband is too big or too small we reccommend to go up a size. We also reccomend if you like a loose fitting browband you could go up a size but be sure to measure up before ordering



Q - How do I order a browband for a micklem bridle and what is the difference between normal browband and micklem fit?

A - Its simple, you can choose ANY of our browbands to have for your micklem, just select Micklem fit in the product options upon checkout.  What's the difference? Micklem head pieces are much narrower than a normal bridle and when a standard browband is worn on a micklem they are very loose and can flip around. Our micklem browbands are specially made to have the perfect size loops to ensure that your browband fits nicely so that it does not flop around and is much more comfortable for your horse and makes it easier putting the bridle on as the browband wont fall down.


Q - How do I order a browband with the quick change system?

A - Its very easy to do. Just choose the browband you want as normal and in the product options select the quick change system. If you require a quick change micklem just select both options.

If you require the quick change system for another specialised bridle that you do not see an option for just pop it in the notes section upon checkout alomg with the size of your headpiece where the browband should attach. Please drop us a message if you have any questions about this.

Q - How do I order a browband to fit my PS of Sweden bridle?

A - It is really simple, just browse our website to decide which browband you want, we are able to make any of our browbands compatable with the PS of Sweden bridles.

Once you have chosen the browband that you want there are product options to chose from before checking out, be sure to select the PS of Sweden fit option AND the quick change system. This is because the loops on these compatable browbands are slightly smaller than the standard loops to ensure the right fit for your bridle.

The quick change system means you can swap your browband with the original PS of Sweden browband quickly and easily without having to take the bridle apart.

Should you have any further questions on these please feel free to drop us a message to discuss